Roll The Dice and Have some Faith

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Well, this just goes to show you how long it has been since I posted on this blog, I didn't even know they changed the posting format-- Anyone else think I need to blog more? Ha. Anyway, since the resent events have changed my life dramatically, I thought I would post about it.

Dave and I recently GOT ENGAGED,which I am sure all of you know since it was posted on Facebook... It happened Saturday May 19th @ the SLC airport. I knew that an engagement was coming soon because obviously we talked about it over time, but I had no idea when. So, during that week he sent me a text saying, "My cousin Bryce and his wife are coming in for a wedding on Saturday and they asked if we could pick them up". I didn't think anything of it, since his cousin Bryce lives in Arizona but is from Utah, so I just said "Okay". Well, that day I got off work early and went and met him at his house, he said that he was just going to shower and changed since he was just helping my uncle move in to his new house. Once he was ready we were on our way, heading north to the airport, me still having no clue what is going on. We get to the airport around 12:30 and parked in terminal 1. He said we still had some time until they came in so we could just walk around. We went to the restroom and he was in there for about 15 minutes. Of course I figured he fell in or he didn't eat something that was so kind to him the night before, either way we still had time. he came out and he was like, "Sorry, and I completely forgot, they are coming in to terminal 2 with Delta so we need to walk over there", again I had no clue. So, we walked over there and as soon as we walked in I saw my family, his family, and signs that said, "Kesha, Will you marry me?" I was so excited!!! He got down on his knee, said something that neither of us remember because we were both crying and so happy, and of course I said yes!! Once I said that he goes, "So, we are going to VEGAS!". AHHH I love Vegas so much and for those of you that know me well enough know that it is my favorite city.

After crazy ordeals of standby for Delta, deciding to purchase tickets through Southwest because standby sucks, sunburns, a huge king bed, buffets, and Vegas with my man we finally came home.

So everyone, write it on your calendars. 
I will become Mrs. Prince on December 14, 2012 in the Salt Lake Temple!