Roll The Dice and Have some Faith

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Okay, so I know that so many people (which not many of those people ever read this blog) want to know about my loving and wonderful boyfriend... So I thought I would do the natural thing and blog. Especially since I have been writing a paper all day, why not write some more.

This is David R. Prince Jr, I would tell you his middle name but then I would have to kill you because he does not like it. Born in Texas but moved to the huge city of Vernal, Utah at the age of 5. Still interested? Well, he moved to West Jordan in high school where he graduated (barely) from Copper Hills. He then served what he calls a "mini" mission in Houston, Texas, but sadly couldn't finish it because of health reasons. He is going to be 31 next month, works as an Strategic Account Manager at eBay, is a ECON student at the U, loves country (and all types of music), a total sucker for romance, loves taking me on dates, has given me flowers twice, and is the oldest of 4 children. Really guys, he is my Prince in the flesh and even has the last name to show for it. I am so lucky! We are going on 3 months of dating and I cannot wait to see where our life heads together...

Well since there is not much more I SHOULD blog about, even if there is more that I want to blog about, I will now go! I hope you enjoyed this short, but informative blog about my lovely boyfriend Dave.